How To Re-invent Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes!

Hello my loves! In today’s post, i will be sharing with you a few ways to put a spin on traditional thanksgiving dishes. These tips are perfect for “friendsgiving” or thanksgiving! Your friends and family will all be amazed by the dishes you prepared and keep coming back for more.

Dish 1: Crispy Potato Roast
These crispy potatoes take a fun twist on your classic mashed potatoes! They are absolutely a favourite and can be used for more than just thanksgiving. 😉


Full recipie here:

Dish 2:  Southwest Cornbread Stuffing
This stuffing recipie is absolutely wonderful with an addition of a genius new ingredient: cornbread! With the bursts of so many flavours, this stuffing is bound to be a hit at any feast!


Full recipie here:

Dish 3: Pumpkin Trifles
These pumpkin trifle deserts are absolutely divine! With the traditional pumpkin which obviously screams fall. And lets be honest… It’s desert


Full recipie here:

I hope you enjoyed these recipies and make sure to leave any questions or comments down below!
Xoxo- Eileen



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